A great summer sparkling wine…

This little Spanish sparkling wine is great for the summer heat.

When looking for a refreshing wine for summertime, I often turn to Spanish sparkling wines.  They are amazingly versatile and almost always a bargain.

The one that I tried recently that I found to be quite nice is Muscanti.  Don’t make the mistake that I did and assume that the name is in some way connected to Moscato, the intensely sweet, grapey wine.

It is actually a sparkling wine made up of a blend of Macabeo (50%), Parellada (30%), and Xarel-lo (20%).  These grapes may seem strange to many wine drinkers out there, but they are in fact some of the most iconic Spanish white grapes.  Macabeo being one of my favorites.

This pale sparkler had a lively effervescence.  It had a floral aroma on the nose and had notes of honey on the palate.  It had a slight sparkle of sweetness on the finish but not overly so.  I tried it on its on and in a mimosa.  It worked well both ways though the mimosa was on the sweeter side.

I would love this little wine with a salty cheese, like Manchego, or with sushi, and it would be spectacular with spicy Thai food.



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